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Posted by ketoepsi on October 17, 2015

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In ketosis within an hour of first drink

Lesson learned: Wait until the morning to start

I signed up right at the tail end of the product shortage. There had been such a demand that orders were capped, and still, it was taking days or weeks to get Keto//OS shipped. Since I live in the same metro area as the lab, I got my delivery pretty quickly.

Being anxious to get started, I started right away. At 5:30. PM. I was in ketosis within an hour. The picture above shows the results of a urine analysis at 6:33 (PM!) on October 15. Now, you'll just have to trust that I got the package in the mail and mixed it up for the first time around 5:30, but since this clock is synced with NIST, there's no faking this picture.

Usually, in the evening, I'm not capable of much more than dinner and watching TV until bedtime. The first thing I noticed was that I wasn't hungry. Ok, that makes sense, because I had just taken a packet of fat. Then I noticed that I was doing those things that "just take a minute" but I never seemed to have the energy to do, like putting things back in their homes.

I recorded my weight and measurements and took a 'before' photo. The one pair of jeans I could still button were in the wash and I didn't have any workout clothes that fit (obviously) and to be honest, I didn't really expect much from this latest 'magic pill' so I just took a quick snap in my bra and panties. No one was ever going to see it, right?

I headed to bed, hoping for the best.

And I lay in bed, waiting to go to sleep. Played some games on my phone. Read some emails. Read some articles I'd saved. Got up and did some more laundry. Lay back down. Played some more games on my phone.

Around six, I thought, I'll just take Bean to school and then come back home for a nap. I made up another ½ serving and started my morning. On the way home, I made a few stops I'd been meaning to do earlier in the week, but hadn't. Got home and did the dishes before starting work. I knocked out a few boring paperwork tasks I'd been putting off. Then, for a break, I started dusting door frames and vacuuming the return vents for the a/c.

So, yeah, I didn't sleep all night or any of the next day.