Unretouched photos showing first month progress

Body Recomposition

These are actual un-retouched photos taken 39 days apart

These are my own personal results and are not presented as a guarantee. You may not achieve similar results. This product will definitely put you into ketosis, but what your body does with that is dependent on a number of factors. If you've had success with a low carb diet in the past, it seems likely that exogenous ketones will enhance your weight loss.

Disclaimers out of the way, what's important to note here is that since I did not have to fast to burn off all of the stored glycogen before entering ketosis, my muscles were not catabolized for fuel. This means that I did not lose any muscle mass, only fat. (See the Tech page for links to studies showing the different results from different diets.)

Fat weighs less than muscle, meaning the same mass of fat takes up more volume than the same mass of muscle. In practical terms, I didn't lose a ton of weight (~12lbs), but I shrank a total of 30 inches! I went from one pair of jeans I could still fasten (they were in the wash, which is why I took a picture in my undies...) to all of them being a little loose.